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【Mysore Class】Traditional Ashtanga Class 期間限定マイソールクラス


Special Workshop! Welcome to beginners!

At Gurgaon Center

Traditional Ashtanga Class with Naho


19-February, Monday ~ 23rd February, Friday

8:30-11:30 Come anytime, practice and leave anytime


A78 Basement Sushant Lok1 Gurgaon

Namah Shivaya Yoga Gurgaon Center

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Ashtanga Yoga Tradition

K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, at Gokulam where is Mysore, southern part of India has been teaching Ashtanga yoga in every early morning, This practice style called by Mysore style which is traditional way to learn and practice

Mysore Style

Although, there are many ashtanga shala ( like as ashram or studio) in mysore as well , but K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute has never conducted certification corse officially. So in this tradition every year the practitioners keep visiting the Sharath ji for at least one month for their own personal sadhana - spiritual practice in the Mysore Style.

This Mysore style we practice in the early morning and stick to the same sequence all the time, and for the students to proceed advanced postures, teacher has to approves the practice, and give the new posture, then you are allowed to practice that. It is totally different from ordinary yoga class, but you can earn more specific knowledge from your teacher in person individually.

Naho's practice

No exception, when she was new to the mysore class, her teacher had taught me every single step and practiced same posture sincerely as she could remember it.

In this time, she just returned from Mysore, practicing with Sharth ji for 2 months. She would like to share Mysore class in traditional way as a special workshop.

Naho's profile

Naho was born and brought up in Tokyo. She had initiated to yoga practice when she was teen ager. Since then, she was trained in different Teacher Trainings in Tokyo and India. She had been teaching yoga at well known studios in Tokyo for more than 6 years. Currently based in New Delhi.

Details & Rules for the Participation

For practicing ashtanga yoga, we have set a certain rules so that everyone - teacher & students can build practice pleasantly.

This workshop fee is not set, it is as per your donation. Part of this donation goes to Namah Shivaya Children's Foundation.

1. Before joining the class, teacher will provide homework in handout/movies/photos. So kindly receive and follow the instruction.

2: During the open timing, you are welcome to come any time, and leave anytime.

However, you must participate 3 or 4 days at least during the course of one weak.

( of course everyday ! is better )

3. For ladies, if your moon cycle starts, then you can come and see the practice, or simply relax at home.

4. It is an individual practice. So try not to compare yourself with others and teacher will guide each one of you as per necessity.