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【Report】Head Stand & Arm Balance WS Report バランスポーズWSレポート

Hi, I‘m Arisa, who is one of the student graduated from TTC500.

I participated in both of Balancing workshop held on 11th and 21th August.

こんにちは。Namah Shivaya TT500時間 卒業生のArisaです。


<Head stand WS>

Mastering balance posture series workshop.

First we were learning about Head stand.

Starting with the discussion how you`ll be able to overcome posture in general.

  1. Do we know how to do the postures correctly?

  2. Do we have enough flexibility?

  3. Do we have enough muscular strength?

  4. Do we have any compression of bones or any structural difficulty?

Good news is that head stand requires not too much flexibility but strength!


講師を務められたのはNama Shivaya Yoga主宰のAya先生です。

チャンティングで皆の心を落ち着けてから, 最初に「ヨガのポーズをどうやって克服するか?」というお話から始まりました。


  1. 正しいポーズの行い方を知っているか?

  2. 充分な柔軟性があるか?

  3. 充分な筋力があるか?

  4. 骨格はどうか。骨があたる圧迫がないか?


The effect and purpose of headstand, which is said to be the king of asana are strengthens the spine, arms, legs, and it improves the blood circulation, activating the pituitary gland and the pineal body.

And you might be surprising, but it is also one of the taking rest pose.

It is also a pose that seeks from different directions what you are thinking and also promoting conversion of ideas by changing your point of view with your head down.




Next to the preparation step.

We exercised to get the muscular strength necessary to do headstand. As an indication of the necessary muscle strength, the dolphin pose is done consecutive times…everyone works hard while sweating a little.



After that, while looking at the demonstration, we we realizes that where we should put crenched hands on top of our head and we learn how to make a triangles.


And finally, one student ot a time we do the headstand against the wall. Even if there is a wall, the teacher assist and support us so that we don't have overturn. The student who are afraid at the beginning get over the fear and accept the challenges.