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【Report】Introductory Acrovinyasa Workshop


In this time I would like to share a brief on how the workshop went.

Held on 24th of June, at Gurgaon Centre.


The workshop on Acrovinyasa was aimed to be not only just another introductory workshop to a new discipline or style and form of yoga,

but an educational one.

And I firmly believe I achieved the goal intended. Proof of that being the joy and heartfelt contentment I witnessed in the eyes of my students and my very generous assistants - Sebastian and Saksham, for which I am deeply grateful and humbled.


I couldn't have asked for more in terms of how the workshop panned out.


Considering the students were completely new to the form, they were as open as the sky and worked to their fullest limit, mentally, physically and emotionally.

It was just pure joy, and exciting to watch them come to terms with their fear and mental blocks throughout and I was glad and proud to be part of their journey.


Hoping for more times like these.


Namah Shivaya Yoga

International School of Yoga & Meditation



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