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【Cooking Class】Eat More Deright! Eat More VEG! Raw Food ローフード WS


Our living world , society , there are tons of healthy eating method.

In this workshop Yumi who is one of the qualified Raw food instructors will teach you how to create fabulous raw cuisine for optimum health.

私たちが住む現代の社会では、ものすごい種類の健康的な食べ方があります。 今回のワークショップでは、ユミローフードマイスターをお招きして、 ヘルシーな食べ方の一つであるローフードのクッキングクラスを開催します。

Whether you are new to the lifestyle or not this class will be the perfect way to find inspiration to adopt a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones!

ローフード自体が初めてでも、もともと知っている方でも、 今回のWSが健康的な食事の方法の一つとして皆さんに良い刺激になると思っています!

Yumi, she has been to united states and studied at Australian university .

After graduation , she and her Australian partner who is a traveling comedian shifted to a spiritual eco village , Auroville near Pondicherry for agricultural studies about 3 years.

ユミさんは、アメリカやオーストラリアの大学で学び、 オーストラリア人の旅芸人であるパートーナー、そしてインドのエコヴィレッジ、 オーロヴィルに農業の勉学のため3年ほど住んでいました。

Raw food , fruitarian , water birth, Steiner Education , Vippasana meditation etc…She has intellectual knowledge , we will promise you may gain fantastic something from her !we are looking forward to meeting you!

ローフード、フルータリアン、水中出産、シュタイナー教育、ヴィパッサナー瞑想法など、 とても幅広く勉強しており、今回のローフードクッキングクラス以外にも学ぶことがたくさんあります。是非参加して体験してくださいね!

■Raw food ?

Raw food is a plant based diet which is prepared under 48 degrees.

By eating raw, we can take advantage of fruits and vegetables very efficiently, which gives us the good health, anti-aging effect, clear skin and the improvement in our bodies Physical conditions.

Raw food also has diverse menus and possibilities to expand. Raw food is also gluten free. Fully vegan, no meat, dairy, eggs, of course no processed sugar!Let's enjoy filling the body with energy food!



■Teacher: Raw food meister yumi

講師:ローフードマイスター ユミ

Hi , Im yumi, Raw food meister and fruitarian . I'm doing , fruitarianism, so most of the meals I eat are fruits in a day as a usually. and I know that definitely you must be shocked and unbelieved !

Without exceptions our close relatives , chimps and monkeys live on fruits. and once I had , I feel it fits on us.ローフードマイスターのフルータリアン・ユミです。





I think you had heard this expression , “You are what you eat”

英語には、You are what you eat.という表現があります。

yes , exactly our body made from what we ate. I'm not only saying about health and also beauty.

I think , we can take over our planet with a clean way to the next generations by becoming to be a conscious consumer and choosing the right food.


Lets find way to finest and healthy food for you and your loved ones!



・Graduated palomar college , United states ・Graduated western Sydney university , Australia ・Graduated Permaculture design course , crystal waters eco village , Australia ・Acquisition , organic farming Auroville eco village , seed saver farm ・Graduated Raw food meister course , Japan living beauty Association , in Bali

grow up in chiba, Japan. mother of two children , sometimes traveling , sometimes settling down .Now she is teaching and promoting Raw food and fruitarian diet as a RAW food meister in Kumamoto , Japan.








ローフードとフルータリアン食の普及活動中。 ■WS date/日程(Delhi and Gurgaon / デリー校とグルガオン校で開催)

①Namah Shivaya Yoga New Delhi Defence colony

5th of May.sat / 5月5日(土)11:00am~13:00pm ②Namah Shivaya Yoga Gurgaon

7th of May.Mon / 5月7日(月)11:00am~13:00pm ■location/ 場所 ①Namah Shivaya Yoga New Delhi Defence colony

Google Map

②Namah Shivaya Yoga Gurgaon

A78 Sushant Lok 1 Gurgaon Google Map ■Details/内容

・Raw food cooking class ・ローフードのクッキングクラス


1: Tacos salad with Raw Parmesan cheese

2; Macha(green tea) and red beans parfait with Raw granola

1:タコスサラダWith ローパルメザンチーズ 2:抹茶とあんこのパフェWith ローグラノラ

■ class fee/ 参加料 2,500RS

◇◇◇【Book/ Enquirer】◇◇◇

◆send email

Mail tattle [ raw food ]

・which centre


・mail address

・phone number Details


call to 9999344138

◇◇◇【申し込み・お問い合わせ】◇◇◇ ◆下記にメールをお送りください メール件名 [ ローフード ]

・デリーかグルガオンご希望のセンター名 ・参加者氏名 ・メールアドレス ・電話番号


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